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Corona virus versus Cancer

The (almost) invisible enemy

#coronavirus is dangerous, it infects around 1 in 100,000 people (very tough to estimate worldwide figure). It stopped nations, destroyed jobs, wrought heartache, allowed governments to lockdown its people in the millions and we are giving up what was left of our privacy rights.

But it is serious, so excuses are made and accepted.

With #Cancer, 1 in 2 people will get it in their lifetime (that’s you, sorry). Where is the media outrage, the never ending analysis, the desperation to find a treatment??

Cancer has been treated (with acknowledged advances) with the same poison, chemotherapy, for 50+ years, and it has gone from 1 in a 100,000 people contracting it to 1 in 2!

Where is the medical miracle? The urgency to fund treatment? The willingness to fund whatever it takes for an answer? The rush to develop a solution?

Is it really just the big pharmaceutical companies making a fortune on chemotherapy, wanting to keep it going as long as they can? Perhaps follow the money.

I know how to develop a different treatment, a kinder one on the body, perhaps a cure, within 5 years – Make it illegal for companies to administer chemotherapy to patients in five years time.

Then sit back and watch the fevered research for a real fight against cancer, using all drugs (and non drugs, some chemotherapy is based on the yew tree) with real results and lives saved in their countless millions.

Are you with me?